Globalization Challenge 2015 – Answer

A: A, An, Ant, At, All, Align, Alibi, a la, Ain’t (9 words)
B: Ban, Boot, Bat, Bang, Bail, Bali, Ball, Blog, Bag, Bog, Bit, Balloon, Big, Bill, Billion, Bio, Bingo, Bin, Bling, Blitz, Boa, Boat, Bong, Bongo,Boo, BA, bi-, Baa, Boon, Bozo, Bolt-on, Bolt, Biltong. (33 words)
G: Goal, Got, Go, Goon, Gob, Gala, Gallant, Gain, Gait, Gal, Global, Go on, Goat, Goo, Giant, Gill, Glib, Gilt, Goblin, Gloat, Gin, Git, Glint, Gnat, Gonzo. (25 words)
I: Ion, In, I, I’ll, Igloo, Ibiza, ill, It, Italian, -ing, ingot, Into, Italo-, It’ll, -ization. (15 words)
L: Lot, Loot, Lion, Loin, Lotion, Log, Loan, Lit, Lob, Lab, Lag, Loil, Loon, Labia. (14 words)
N: N/A, No, Not, Nail, Noon, Nib, Nob, Nit, NZ, Nab, Nag, Nano. (12 words)
O: Oil, On, Oat, Obligation, O, Ono, Ooh, OZ. (8 words)
T: Taint, Tail, Toll, Tab, Toon, To, Too, Toba, Ton, Tan, Tag, Til, Till, Tint, Tall, Talon, Tango, Tibia, Toil, Tool, Taboo, Tabla, Tang, Tonal, Tonga, Togo. (26 words)
Z: Zing, Zillion, Zit, Zoo, Zion, Zonal. (6 words)

Total: 148 words!!!!

4 thoughts on “Globalization Challenge 2015 – Answer”

  1. rani says:

    what is the article about?

    1. Al-Hanaan says:

      It’s all about the words I had made out of globalization.

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